Where One Idea Can Lead You

While you're reading this, I'm spending the weekend snuggling grandbabies although I'm not allowed to call them that any more. I have been told emphatically that they are big boys and I am NOT allowed to say the word babies. At nine and seven, I guess they are. I started aging when I had children and much faster when I had grandchildren and that's just the way it is. The opposite of older is dead and I am happy to be blessed with age, time to sew, and a lifetime of learning to use.

detail of zip pocket on lining of carpet bag

This lime green zipper in a zebra print lining with a hot pink pocket bag is SO HAPPY. I was having fun playing with scraps. My video today makes me laugh and reflect on how far I've come. It's called Zipper Pocket Success... which I've had... and can do over again... yet it took me YEARS to actually make my first zipper pocket and then to practice making them to the extent that I now use them frequently. I was avoiding dealing with the corners BUT...

... what I know for sure is that avoidance doesn't get you anywhere. Once I sat down and practiced... with scraps... without expectations... until I could get the pocket I wanted most of the time... because it's never 100% -- 100% of the time... not only could I start using this pocket, it became the stepping off point to new ideas.

The same technique minus the zipper will produce the round pocket on the left and the rectangular one on the right. Both of these are perfect in a bag or a garment. In fact, using the same technique it would be possible to make openings in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Imagine where one idea can lead you! That's when a toolbox technique starts to become a design tool.

These images are of the same piece. On the left, the fabric is held up to the window and on the right, it is placed over another denim fabric. I was exploring circles with the two previous images and made this piece by stitching on the fabric and then cutting away the center. Without a backing, I'd use this in a garment like lace however, with a backing, it could be quite interesting on an art bag. Someday. My ideas are quickly outdistancing my time! What a luxury. Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - a lifetime of learning