When You're A Maker

My air conditioner died... just when the weather turned hot. I have a feeling this happens to 99.9% of people whose air conditioners die. I received a call Wednesday morning that it will be replaced a week today, on the 5th. YES YES! I'm so glad that there was an opening before my grandsons come the next week. Hot, tired, cranky grandkids with a hot, tired, cranky grandma is probably not a good combo. I want us to have fun together.

Meanwhile, I have been sewing in the dining room where it is not cool but cooler. I moved the white table down to use as a work island, set the machine up on the dining room table, and brought only what was necessary for bag making since I'm not sewing clothes. I don't need extra things like a mannequin or a serger.

I had just moved the computer up and into the closet in the studio only to move it back down two days later when I realized the studio was not going to cool down over night during this latest heat wave. Last summer, the air conditioning worked and I didn't realize that my studio is actually the hottest room in the house. After that, it's my bedroom. Go figure! Thankfully, it's at the front of the house and does cool down overnight although looking at the temperatures for the next week, even the overnight is hot.

I was already in the process of doing some renovations in the studio so I'll wait until those are done before I move back upstairs and set everything up again. The cabinets for the fabric stash also arrived on Wednesday - a very good day. I'm looking forward to getting the fabric out of the guest room, sorted, organized, and back on the shelves. When you're a maker, you'll find a way to make no matter what. Normally, I prefer to keep my studio and its stash completely separate from the rest of my house. I don't ooze. I don't store things outside the room. I don't buy or keep more than I have space for. HOWEVER...

... given the choice of moving to the dining room or not making, I'll move. Suddenly, it's entirely doable and the sight of that "mess" doesn't irritate me any longer. I'm not itchy at all. Not making would make me an even hotter, tired, and more cranky Myrna. I wouldn't be able to stand myself even.

In today's YouTube video, I talk about this bag - the totally free bag - that I sewed from things around the studio. If you sew, you have scraps and you know how overwhelming they can be. It's a mixed blessing. It's equally amazing what we can make with those assorted bits left over from other projects and it's free learning for new ideas or techniques to perfect. The bag started with some foam I repurposed from a bag gone bad, some scraps from previous projects, and a gift - a patch made by Paula Kovarik. VERY fun! I am grateful for scraps.