Souvenier Fabric

When I travel, the two souveniers I purchase the most often are necklaces and fabric. They are the gift that gives, and gives again. With fabric, until I use it, every time I clean my fabric stash I re-live the memory of buying it and then when I do use it, I have that time spent with my memory as I make the piece.

A dome shaped handbag made with face fabric.

This very fun fabric was bought about five years ago at a small store in Ashland, Oregon that is no longer there. I was shopping with a friend and we both fell in love with the print. Earlier this week, I sent her a picture of the bag. We hadn't talked in a while, we've both moved since that outing, and we're both at a busy stage yet it prompted a phone call and an hour chat catching up. Life is about relationships. I'm so thankful for these points of connection. I'm never sad to use a souvenier fabric. I don't worry about wasting it because I believe the waste is not using it although I do want to use it well. As happens, some projects are more successful than others but either way, the scraps live on and so do the memories. After making this bag, I have a collection of face scraps ready for another project and even a bit of yardage still.

Two bags sewn from the free basic boxed tote pattern.

In today's video - Free Basic Boxed Tote - I show the bag on the right made from fused bits left over from another project and announce the free pattern available by subscribing to my email list. There's also a picture gallery on that page of these two bags.

Trestle along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. Image from

At the end of that video, I talk about what I've accomplished in the past five months and what I'm working on next. I also list several places I'd like to travel to both to teach a workshop and to ride my bike. I bought an e-bike a couple years ago but it wasn't until this year when I bought a bike rack and started taking it to bike trails that I've started using it more. I don't like riding on the streets so I wasn't using it enough and that bothered me. Yesterday, I biked the 24km return route over the trestles and through the tunnels in Myra Canyon along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. This fabulous picture is from I forgot to take my camera.

Along with re-living the memory, another aspect I really like about necklaces and fabric... or books and yarn... are how practical they are and useful going forward. I will wear the necklace, read the book, sew with the fabric, and knit the yarn so I'm maximizing my souvenier investment as opposed to the postcards, banners, or spoons that I collected as a child and no longer own. I think that was before I realized I was a minimalist or perhaps it was what children collected but I prefer this type of multi-purposed souvenier. What kind of souvenier is your favourite? I am grateful for the memories. Talk soon - Myrna