New Adventures in Bag Making

When I started this business in early April 2022, I knew there would be a learning curve but I'm not sure I expected it to be as steep as it has been. My head is spinning - stuffed full of new equipment to work with, software to learn, and marketing techniques to understand. Even so, I'm happy. I wanted an engaging project and I definitely got one. I am very glad I made that decision. The fact that I'm actually writing this initial article means that the first (free) pattern is almost ready for distribution, the YouTube channel is underdevelopment, and an Instagram account is waiting for if and when I get to that stage. Right now, I prefer to focus on aspects that are more within my control such as these articles, the patterns, workshops, and YouTube channel. I didn't expect to enjoy learning about video editing as much as I am. It's a whole new art form and a fabulous way of sharing and teaching which I really love doing. YES YES!

Painting desk inside studio closet with storage shelves above.
Ever Changing Studio Closet

I'd inserted this image months ago as a place holder until I had time to come back and write the actual article. Seeing it today gave me a chuckle as that closet is about to have yet, still, another make-over because the software I am using to make and edit videos cannot be used on a mobile device and my desktop is currently on a different floor from my studio. With the amount of back and forth required, I want to move it upstairs into the closet so it's accessible but not in the way. It was in the studio when I taught online before so I know the arrangement works. This is the closet's fourth transition since moving into this studio in late 2020. Each was for a different journey, three of which didn't go as hoped. It can be far too easy to beat ourselves up about perceived failures. I think we need to stand back and look at each situation with less emotion and judgement. If we try a new recipe and we don't like it, we call it a taste test so why when we try a new business and we don't like it, do we call it a failure? It's a taste test. I was surprisingly nervous writing this first post - a here she goes again what will they think kind of feeling. I hope they - you - will think that I'm gutsy and brave, that I keep getting back up and trying again even when life knocks me down, that I'm using my skills and abilities, my passion and purpose, to carve a life that works for me including supporting and encouraging those who love what I love - creativity. This new adventure in bag making feels just right and I never would have known if I hadn't kept going. I have more ideas than I can process right now, ideas that are already stretching years into the future and that's exciting. Check out my second video ever on YouTube - Treasure In The Trash. I am grateful for new adventures.