Filling The Form

My current townhouse is one of eighteen while my previous townhouse was one of one hundred and thirteen. From the front, the units look identical with only the front porch décor indicating someone different lives here from there and that they might live differently inside. How each of us fills the same form has become a point of fascination for me and even more fascinating is the many ways in which I can fill the same form.

I am also fascinated by where the same starting point can take us... like the word hole. Give that starting point even more direction - say to create a bag with a hole as a pocket... or to create an unusual hole as an opening to a bag... or to use a hole as the focal point of the bag design... and one idea can take us in endless directions. I've never yet run out of ideas when I choose a starting point like this. It's more likely I'll run out of stamina first.

Lisa Call is a textile artist that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. Her work ethic and focus is amazing. She typically works in series. The piece above is called Destination 1 and you can see other pieces here in her portfolio. Clicking through the slideshow of each series is like taking a walk around the townhouse complex... especially when it's dark, the lights are on inside, and you get a quick glimpse of each variation.

This video from Real Stories is called Britain's Weirdest Council Homes with the subtitle Eccentric Home Documentaries. Neither works for me. I don't find this weird; I find it authentic, creative, and inspiring... not to be like these people doing what they do but to be more of me. It makes me ask am I filling the form of my life, of my home, of my art in a way that is true to who I am and who I am becoming? If I can't answer yes, that indicates a need for me to change and to evolve in new directions. Earlier this week, I released my first two patterns here on the blog. Today, I am releasing them on the YouTube channel. It's a huge milestone, a point of celebration, and a point of personal success. Only time will tell if it's also a business success in the traditional way.

Releasing the patterns as simple, blank canvas designs is part of my goal to both support and encourage the creativity of others and to connect with others like me - the ones who want a unique porch, a "weird" council house, to explore different paths to a similar end, and to follow an organic creative path of process over product. Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - inspiration