Denim And Scrap Bag

A few years ago, I painted several different sizes and colours of flowers to use on a knitting bag for my cousin's retirement gift. Apparently, I painted quite a LOT of flowers because I've used them on several more projects since including this denim scrap bag. You can find more details in today's video.

I used a stencil to paint the flowers with textile paint on a lightweight denim. That's how they sat until I started this project when I used a permanent ink pen to outline the edges of the gold and give the flowers more definition and free motion quilting with a turquoise thread to add even more interest and texture.

Originally, I'd intended to use a satin stitch around the outside edge only it was too finished of a look and I wanted something less perfect so instead, I scribble stitched over the edges with a grey thread.

I used a blue floral to create the inside front of the pocket bag. It's not necessary to actually cut and match the curves when you're sewing pieces like these together. That's fiddly for no reason. I pinned a rectangle to the curve, stitched the seam, and then trimmed the edge to match the front of the bag.

There are sixteen flowers in total with two placed across the bottom seam and six shuffled around on each side. Again, I wasn't looking for perfection or mirrored and perfect placement. I wanted the bag to have more of an organic, casual, feel to it.

I'd wanted to make the turquoise zipper a side opening into the bag from the front. That didn't happen. Instead, it became the zip pocket with a slip pocket below. The top of the bag is...

... a pocket pouch. The denim facing is the top portion of the exterior folded to the inside. The lining was sewn to the facing creating one large cavity. I didn't add any pockets since there are already three on the outside, two of which are zippered.

The second zippered pocket is on the back. All of the blue edges that you see are bias strips sewn to the front, turned to the back, and top stitched in place. Overall, I am quite happy with how the bag turned out. It's not quite as I intended but that's always the nature of working step-by-step so I'm not sure why I ever think it's going to be anything in particular... beyond a bag... in this case. This was another totally free bag. Everything I used was either in my scrap fabrics or repurposed. I am grateful for free creativity and a profitable learning curve.