Boring Blob Tendencies

Quite a few years ago... in some book I don't remember the title of... I read about the viewing distance for each artist's work. I tried to figure out who said it or to find something similar and came up with statements along the lines of a painting this big should be viewed from this far back ... which is not at all what I'm talking about... nor do I agree. It all depends on the details.

The bag above doesn't need a whole lot of distance to see the flowers, the grid, the overall shape, or even some of the colours however, you'd need to get a lot closer to note that the pearl cotton used on the handle tabs is pink and that the three lines of stitching forming the grid are fuchsia, turquoise, and orange. You can't tell from here that there's a red tab at the bottom of the zipper on each side even though you can tell the zipper is turquoise. The purse feet are barely visible and atypical; they are buttons.

This detail is about 2" x 3" of a two foot square piece. It could just as easily be the piece. As a detail, I need to lean in. As a larger piece, I'd need to step back. Generally speaking, the viewing distance of my work is up close. If I don't want it to look like a blob from far away, I need to be careful to pull in variety of shape, colour, value, line, and more. I also need to put it over there, across the room, and stand back, see what I see, and ask what do I think of that to eliminate any boring blob tendencies and create interest.

This image from over the weekend makes me smile. It's monochromatic with the highest form of contrast between black and white - so very me. It has repetition in the number of subscribers - 1111 - which intrigued me since repeating numbers have been showing up in my life for the past several years. So often that... ... I finally looked up the meaning of repeating numbers and it said a reminder that something very magical and divine is happening in your life. YES YES. I'll take that especially as I've been praying for God to unfold the path before me and please do knock me over the head with the signposts so I don't miss them. Apparently, repeating ones can signify new beginnings although it could also mean quite a few other things that felt a bit like a choose your own adventure. I spent quite a bit of time this past weekend brainstorming next steps, adjustments, fine tuning what is, considering new additions, and looking at where to dig in. My grand puppy was here and we went for several long walks, which are always prime time for thinking.

In April, I signed up for a workshop with Jane Davies as part of her professional series. Tuesday's module was called Teaching. Back then, there was no way to know that when the class started, I'd also be at the point of developing workshops and researching teaching opportunities. I love the divine message of synchronicity. It's a God thing. The first session was incredibly helpful and the homework is to develop class outlines. Win-win. Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - repeating numbers