Blog15 Coupon

Today is an EXCITING day... It's PATTERN RELEASE DAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! JUST for the blog... Until Friday, I'm offering a 15% discount on my first two patterns to thank you for supporting and encouraging me through this roller coaster journey of starting Bags by Myrna. We are reaching this milestone moment together and I am very grateful. I have tested every issue I can think of with the patterns. I hope I found them all and that you simply get to download and enjoy. YES YES! Please let me know if you do discover a problem so I have a chance to correct it. I want to develop a solid reputation.

The Walking Bag and The Dome Bag patterns are both available using a platform called Teachable. Click on the links in this paragraph or go to the Patterns page on my website to learn more about the patterns. At checkout, apply the coupon code BLOG15 for the discount. You will need to purchase each pattern individually and download them in a browser, not a device. You can revisit the page later if necessary and access it going forward. You will receive an email confirmation with the page link. The coupon is good until midnight on Thursday, November 3rd, 2022. After that, there will be a lesser discount available with Friday's video on my YouTube channel. If you are not already subscribed to the channel, I hope you'll join me. I will be teaching my online workshops on Teachable as they are developed. I am starting the first one this week - a tote bag workshop. Teachable's typical product is workshops not a PDF patterns so there have been a few workarounds that thankfully others before me figured out how to do it, shared their information, and we have benefited. I went with this path because a huge bonus for me is that Teachable collects and remits taxes worldwide and that's a really big deal. It saves me a tremendous amount of accounting frustration. I hear the workaround may not be needed eventually. Hopefully. Either way... ...SO EXCITING! Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - pattern release day!