A Stash is a Wonderful Thing

I'm writing this post sitting in my favourite chair in the living room with sunshine streaming through the changing leaves, flooding the room with cozy, comforting light. Working from home is a luxury I am grateful for.

The weather is surprisingly warm for the middle of October. The geraniums on my front porch are still alive even though I haven't watered them for at least a month. Through the window, I see an unusual combination of autumn leaves and summer flowers. Thursday night was predicted to be plunging cold. Perhaps things will look different this morning when I step outside. One of the things I really enjoy about this time of year is the decrease in outside activities combined with the increase in studio time. It's usually quite productive but this year, I've been struggling with not doing what I say I want to do... for weeks now. Frustrating! So... ... I made a decision decision that's helping me re-focus. Earlier, I lost thirty pounds and then gained seven back. Subconsciously, I've been avoiding sewing clothes because I don't know what size to sew. Weight has been an issue my whole life. The struggle isn't new so the fact that I was avoiding shouldn't have come as a surprise but it did. What is new is that I am more than fed up with this roller coaster. It doesn't serve me well and it's time for a significant and sustainable change. I decided to choose a size to build a wardrobe around and stay that size and I've chosen to return to and then maintain the thirty pound loss. Decision made, I now know what size to sew. YES! It's both an emotional and a practical decision. I already have clothes in my closet and drafted patterns in my stash that are that size and I like them and I can start sewing right now... exactly this minute... no more waiting ! ! !

Bonus - I have parts to take forward. Earlier this year when I started the corduroy coat (above middle) I'd quilted a lining intending (above right) to make a warmer coat. The pattern is OOP Vogue 8934. I've drafted it for a rain coat with less ease and a winter coat with more ease. Both of those were sewn with the hem darts of the original pattern. With the corduroy version, I didn't sew the darts and got a more swing-like look. I'm doing that again and using the already quilted lining to make a winter coat.

The already drafted pattern was in stash, as was the already quilted lining, and so was the fabric. All I did was open the cupboard, look at what was there, and choose a black with flocked dots, a grey with black stripes, and a kasha satin lining. All of these were bought on sale and stashed because I buy for my stash and sew from it. The lining is at least fifteen years old, possibly older. I remember buying the entire bolt when I found it in the bargain center for $2.00 a meter. It's "free" sewing... or at least fiscally responsible sewing. Since I've made bags for years, I've been stashing bag making supplies for years. When I started Bags by Myrna, almost everything I needed to sew the samples was already in stash (which hasn't stopped me from buying shiny pretty objects but...) and I could focus the majority of my financial investment on equipment and establishing structures. That's a lovely bonus. However, business or not, it's great to open a cupboard or a drawer and have what you need sitting right there, available and waiting to be used. It's stress less sewing. Tuesday morning was one of those days when you (as in I) put on a favourite skirt that you've worn numerous times with a favourite top that you've worn... with the skirt... the exact combination... numerous times and you look in the mirror and think yuck... I look like a frump. That I looked frumpy is probably not true but it is true that I'm more than ready for some new favourites. Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - life altering decisions

P.S. This week's video is about a faux welt pocket that could be used in a bag or a garment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa8hwr-A_FQ