A Ruthless Clean

While waiting for the air conditioning to be replaced, I worked downstairs in the dining room and decided it was a good time to do some work in the studio. I put up paintable wall paper on one wall as a backdrop for videos and photography and painted it. I'm waiting for more paper to do two other walls. And then I put things back - I was too eager to get to work - but one major accomplishment was a ruthless clean of my junk stash and potential piles.

Normally, I have two large laundry hampers under my work island that hold the remnants for clothing or bits and pieces of potential for bags. I can't remember why I'd moved them but the result was this open and chuck space that just kept getting more and more out of control to the point that it was ....

... overwhelming me and I'd moved into avoidance mode. I reclaimed the two hampers that you can see over by the dresser and then started to sort the scraps into three piles for clothing, bags, or garbage by...

... putting them up on the work island and going through them one at a time. What's different about a ruthless clean from an ordinary in-between projects clean is that I get rid of the things I've held on to that are closer to ridiculous than useful. The bonus is that I get to see what's left and my creative brain starts bubbling with possibilities. I find it very energizing and it opens flow.

If something has a definite place, like interfacing or bag linings, I move the pile to that location. The pile bottom right of the picture is bag linings. Next to it is bias strips that also have a location to go to. The black and white piles are big enough for pocket bags while the pile with the polka dots on top is already started bag parts that I want to look at finishing.

The overflowing denim pile left of that is from the workshop I took in March. These scraps are part of a creative garment I want to make at some point in the future when the bag business is flowing more smoothly. I put them in a zip bag and stored them in one of the laundry hampers, the one for garment scraps. It's about a third full now due to the ruthless clean and a better understanding my style.

The two bags that were moving off image top left are part of this group of three. Each contains a large amount of canvas scraps. The periwinkle I've mentioned before. It's left over from my grandson's teepees. The beige and grey are both chair covers from some Ikea chairs I no longer have. I took the covers apart ready to use thinking they would be good for bags but now I'm not sure. I have enough other potential for bags so I've been thinking about what else I could make with them. If I don't figure that out before the next ruthless clean, most likely they will move along to the thrift store then.

In today's video, I show the before mess and after clean of the studio. It's not quite - but mostly - done, done enough for now. My grandsons are coming today for ten days. After they leave, I'll be a wet noodle on the couch for a bit and then I'm looking forward to moving forward working at a faster pace. I've both organized my stuff and downsized my expectations so "it" - moving forward on the business - is feeling more doable. I am grateful for a studio and a stash.