The Walking Bag
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The Dome Bag

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Basic Boxed Tote
$ Free

I love the pattern for the Basic Boxed Tote! I have made one bag and intend to make more to keep on hand for gifts or gift wrap. When I first read the pattern I felt overwhelmed as there was so much information. All that information became very comforting as I started sewing; the details were there and were supported by the illustrations. Myrna has the gift of breaking down the complex into simple easy steps. I am anxiously waiting for more patterns.

- Karen - MB, Canada


Such a slick little bag!  I have been sewing for a long time, and I learned a few new tips and tricks sewing The Walking Bag, which is always fun.  The drafting is impeccable and the instructions are top notch.  There is so much information in this pattern!  Myrna is a great teacher and it really shows.  I will definitely be making more.

- Mary - AB, Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed making Myrna's pattern The Dome Bag.  I was slightly intimidated by what looked like a complicated project but once I got started, each step was clearly illustrated and explained, and I was able to complete a beautiful bag in about a day and a half.  The zippers, pockets and lining all look great. I am so pleased with the final product!

- Caroline - BC, Canada

I used Myrna's pattern to make the Basic Boxed Tote. I first need to mention that I rarely sew, so I consider myself a beginner. Her pattern was very easy to follow, the step-by-step instructions were abundant and clear to understand. I followed through and was successful at first try, so it was very fun and encouraging. With the care she put in putting together this pattern, I could feel her desire for me to succeed, and that showed me how professional she is. I would definitely use this pattern again and can't wait to try all the other ones she offers. A very fun and satisfying project.

- Francine - BC, Canada