As is true for many, the pandemic has shifted things in my life  - some good, some difficult. As it's moving into the endemic stage and we're discovering the new normal, I find myself wanting an engaging project, rewarding work, and a deeper connection with the creative community that loves what I love. 

Although I've explored many mediums, textiles are my first love. I breathe in fabric. A friend once described my work as bold and sculptural which totally resonated. It’s also handmade and one of a kind. There is literally only one and that’s an aspect I really enjoy and want to share.

I've been sewing bags for myself and as gifts for years - decades actually - and love the endless ways there are to fill this simple form. Handbags are a practical luxury and how fabulous that we can sew our own designer bag. 

In the past, I wrote books, designed patterns, and taught workshops around traditional quiltmaking and textile art and really enjoyed it. It's a lovely shift to now apply those skills to  writing, teaching, sharing about handbags.

Getting ready to go with this new business is a HUGE learning curve - technology has changed a lot - and it's coming together and starting to move better. Please SUBSCRIBE with the link above to 
stay up to date with articles, patterns, workshops, and videos. Thanks. 

I live in the small creative community of Salmon Arm in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a town I’d always wanted to live in and so I moved here on purpose as part of my retirement plan - not that an artist ever retires. My townhouse backs onto a creek and when the studio windows are open, I can hear the water gurgling all year long. It's such a gift. I'm grateful.

- Myrna