This picture was taken in March 2022 just before my 60th birthday in June. I'd been sewing for forty-eight years at that point and was celebrating the upcoming decade at my first in-person workshop since the pandemic. I love to learn.

The workshop was about creative clothing and the skills I learned there have been - like all other skills - completely transferable to the bags I design, create, and teach how to make. I love to support and encourage the creativity of others.

I have sewn virtually every day of my adult life. Time in the studio is built into my daily routine and my previous work in traditional quilt making and textile art developed from that daily practice. I love the challenge of figuring things out and organizing information and then I have to share. It's too exciting to keep to myself.

Bags by Myrna is my "retirement" career. Doing nothing was never an option and I chose to develop this business at the intersection of garment construction, bag making, surface design, and organic creativity - the things I love. It started at a time of life shifts and I'm loving the energy it brings and am SO EXCITED to see where it leads.

What I'm sharing is a compilation of what I'm learning now and what I learned in the past when my work focused first on traditional quilt making and then textile art. It's the same but different, familiar yet fresh. Thanks for joining me on the journey.


Myrna draping a denim garment on a dressform.