Welcome to my new adventure with handbags. I've been sewing bags for myself and as gifts for years - decades actually - and love the endless ways there are to fill this simple form. I am looking forward to sharing what I know and what I'm learning through patterns, articles, videos, and workshops. 

Handbags are a blank canvas we can fill in endless ways and a practical luxury. How fabulous that we can sew our own designer bag. 

Getting ready to go with this new business is a HUGE learning curve - technology has changed a lot since my years of similar work with traditional quiltmaking and textile art. Ideally everything will be functioning well by mid September 2022 starting with a free pattern and a free online workshop. Please SUBSCRIBE with the link above to stay up to date with articles, patterns, workshops, and videos. Thanks. 

- Myrna

a hand painted carpet bag, mostly purple with multi-coloured surface design